Stained Glass

Proposed Stained Glass Window

Pershore Town Council has decided to commission a stained-glass window to be installed at the Cemetery Chapel, as a permanent memorial to all those who served, at home and abroad, in whatever way, to ensure the future freedom of not only the people of this country, but of Pershore in particular.

The window, which is to be funded mainly by public subscription and fund raising, will depict images from the First and Second World Wars as well as showing Pershore at peace today.

The design, undertaken by John Harris, is to be created and installed by Ben Sinclair of Norgrove Studios and a copy of this amazing work is attached. The left-hand window represents World War One, the right hand, World War Two and the centre shows Pershore at peace today. The window will cost £49,000 and various grants are already being applied for. The Town Council is, however, aware that there will be a shortfall and is inviting any resident or business to sponsor part of the window. There is no minimum donation but any amount of £10 or more will be recorded in a Book of Remembrance.

The wording of up to 30 words, can be chosen by the donor but no note of the size of the donation will be recorded in the Book. Businesses who donate will also, if wished, have a note of their generosity recorded in the Book of Remembrance.

In addition, various fund-raising events will be held, as well as copies of the design, in the form of gift cards, being sold to raise funds.

It is intended that the window is installed in time for a dedication service in November 2018 to commemorate the end of the First World War. The window will then be available for visitors and residents to view and will also be used to help school children to understand what life was like for all residents of our town during these times of conflict.

Are you interested in sponsoring part of the window?

If so please post or take your donation to the Town Hall, 34 High Street, Pershore WR10 1DS

If you would like your name or that of a loved one recorded in the Book of Remembrance please include your chosen words (up to 30) with your donation.

Cheques to be made payable to PTC Stained Glass Window Fund. Please include your full name, address, telephone number and email.

Would you be interested in joining the 500 Club?

Payment of £4 per month with monthly prizes of £400, £200 and £100. Please contact the townclerk on this website or email townclerk@pershore-tc.gov.uk and details will be sent to you.

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