Community Infrastructure Levy

The Town Council has been given a £6,372.01 in Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The town does not normally qualify for this but for technical reasons, as a one off, the funds have been provided through Wychavon District Council.  The funds need to be spent on something that benefits the whole community and enhances or provides additional infrastructure that will also benefit particularly the area where the housing was built and which generated the funds – in this case, the land off Station Road.

The Town Council has come up with a few ideas that fulfil the criteria and would like to hear your views on these as well as inviting you to submit suggestions of your own.

So far the options are:-

Enhancing the small enclosed garden at the side of the Library
This was always a plan when the Town Council purchased, refurbished and extended the building but insufficient funds did not permit this in 2013. The hope would be that if this could be achieved, including levelling the slabs and providing seating, it could be an area for people to sit and read (or work) in the warmer months of the year. It could also be a useful area for young children to use with their family as it is accessed from the children’s area of the Library. Additional planting would be needed, but the precise nature of this has not been discussed. This would be likely to take the majority of the funds.

Bus Shelters
Two options for this have been considered by the Town Council. One is to install the bus shelter that used to be opposite Gigbridge Lane in a different location. The shelter had to be removed when it was damaged and the bus stop was relocated when the new pedestrian crossing was installed. The shelter is currently awaiting repair but it has been proposed that it be installed on Worcester Road by Hudson Close.
Total costs are uncertain but likely to be in the region of £3,500 to include the repair and installation.
Another suggestion is that a completely new shelter is purchased and installed at the bus stop by the Railway Station. It is anticipated that the full amount would be needed for this.

Green Infrastructure
A suggestion was made to put green roofs on top of existing bus shelters. However, this weight is not included in the structure of the shelters and this is still being investigated. Other opportunities are also being sought for tree and hedge planting although any Town Council land has already had both hedges and trees planted over the past few years.

Information board
This would be a display board for both pictures and text showing information about upcoming events. It not yet completely clear whether this would meet the criteria for
CIL as the infrastructure has already been installed in the Library on the area directly visible from the main doors. This suggestion would cost no more than £1,000 for a relatively straightforward screen but could be as much as £5,000 for a more complicated one.

Please either complete the downloadable form or email us at townclerk@pershore-tc.gov.uk
To be handed in by 31st January 2023.

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