Pershore Town Council operates approximately 250 allotments on a site off Defford Road in the town. There are 4 access points to the site, 2 for vehicles (Nogains and Defford Road) and 2 for pedestrian access only. Allotments are offered to residents in the order in which they have been placed on the waiting list. It is Town Council policy that first refusal is given to Pershore town residents who do not already have a plot. If there are no residents on this waiting list, then available plots are offered to anyone who lives outside of Pershore town. Should there, again, be no waiting list, another list is kept of tenants who manage their existing plots well and would like a second. Only when residents on the first list is exhausted, are residents on the additional lists contacted.


The standard size of a full size allotment is approximately 25 yards by 10 yards, and a half plot is approximately 12.5 yards by 10 yards although as the allotments site has been in use for many years this is not always the case. Rent for a standard size allotment is currently £28 a year (to increase to £30 from April 2023), with a £25 deposit, and a half-plot is £17 (to increase to £18 from April 2023), with a £15 deposit.  It is most important that tenants work their allotments and keep them tidy and free, as far as possible, from weeds. The Council inspects allotments regularly and tenants who do not manage their plots appropriately are reminded to do so. Persistent offenders are, eventually, asked to relinquish their plots.


Tenants are required, when accepting a plot, to sign a Tenancy Agreement which lays down the rules that must be adhered to. Alongside this agreement is the Bonfire Code of Practice which all tenants must adhere to. Access to the site is for tenants only and whilst tenants are permitted to bring dogs onto the site they must remain on the tenants’ plot, on a lead and any mess cleared up and removed from the site. Further information on what is expected of tenants can be obtained from the Town Hall. Simply ask for a copy of a tenancy agreement before you decide to sign up!

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a plot at Pershore allotments, please contact the Clerk including your full name, address, telephone number and email address, stating whether you are interested in a full or half plot, along with whether you have managed an allotment before, and what your intended purpose is. Alternatively you can email us the above information at: admin@pershore-tc.gov.uk

For free useful information and resources on being an allotment tenant, visit The National Allotment Society.
For more information on how to enhance biodiversity on your allotment, The National Allotment Society also have a great resource on this.

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