How did the Youth Council begin?

Nominations were invited for anyone who was interested in taking part in a Youth Council running in conjunction with the Town Council. The whole school community voted, with two members being selected from each year group. In September 2009 the first meeting of fourteen new youth councillors (plus Town Mayor and Clerk) was held. A Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor were chosen.

The Aims of the Youth Council:

  • Making sure that the voices and opinions of children and young adults from all around Pershore, and in particular the school, are heard.
  • Making sure that the opinions of the youth of Pershore are heard, considered and respected in a similar manner to the rest of the community.
  • To really do something positive for all parts of the community and to achieve success for them.
  • To build respect and bridges between different groups who do not usually have their voice heard.

Current Youth Council Agenda