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Pershore Town Council Newsletter - Spring 2023

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Welcome from the Town Clerk…


Welcome to the Spring edition of the Town Council newsletter. As many of you will know, this will be my last welcome as Town Clerk as, after 17 years in the post, plus a couple before as a councillor, I shall be retiring at the end of March.

This job has been both rewarding and, at times, challenging but always worthwhile. I have lived in Pershore nearly all my life and to be in a position to help elected members to achieve so much for this town has been a privilege.

My final reminder to everyone is that all members of both the Town and District Council will be deciding over the next few weeks whether to stand for election on 4th May. If you think you may be at all interested, please pop into the Town Hall for more information and a nomination form.

My replacement will already be known to a number of you. She joined the Town Council in March 2020 (just before lockdown!) to serve as my Deputy. Please see her introduction to you all on page 4.

May I thank you all for your support over the past 17 years.

Ann Dobbins


Message from the Mayor



British democracy is in crisis, and has been for a long time. Membership of political parties is low, relative to what once was, and local elections seldom see turnout above forty per cent of registered voters. In many places, Pershore included, uncontested elections are commonplace.

In May, we have the opportunity to do something about this. There will be elections, and I am taking this opportunity to urge those of you who are interested to put yourselves forward as candidates. As councillors, the town can better hear your voices, benefit from your different ways of thinking, and learn from your experience. But if serving as a councillor is not something you’d consider at the moment, you can still use your vote to elect candidates who share your concerns. When you do vote, remember that you will now need photo ID to do so. You can find out more about acceptable forms of ID on The Electoral Commission website, and information on becoming a Town Councillor is available from Worcestershire CALC.

Pershore is a great place to live; let’s keep it that way by exercising our free-born rights. Whether as a candidate, a spectator at a Council meeting, or as a voter, I urge you to get involved: our town needs you.

Cllr Matthew Winfield


Introduction from the Interim Town Clerk

What a delightful time of year to be returning to work – just as the spring flowers are popping up and the smell of cut grass (one of my favourites!) is on the horizon. After eight months away from the Town Council, I can honestly say I am excited about getting stuck back in and getting my hands dirty – something I am not afraid of at all.

Having began my position as Deputy Town Clerk with Pershore Town Council in March of 2020 – two weeks before lockdown, my journey has been somewhat interesting! I took the opportunity during lockdown to become CiLCA qualified to stand me in good stead to progress my career here. Previous to this role I spent 10 years in the retail industry at senior management level. At home I have two boys aged 6 years and 8 months, who keep me busy lining the football fields in my spare time!

This year could see some change to the Town Council – local elections will be returning in May. I am looking forward to what the future is for Pershore and will endeavour to guide the Town Council in pushing hard to make the best decisions  for the benefit of the town’s residents.

I’d like to take a public opportunity to thank Ann, the outgoing Town Clerk, for all of the support she has given me over the last 3 years. I have very large shoes to fill.

In the meantime, enjoy the forthcoming sunshine and I look forward to crossing paths with you all in some way in the not-too-distant future.

Charlie Talbot




King Charles III Coronation   6th—8th May 2023

The Town Council has teamed up with various other organisations in the town to form a Coronation Working Group who have been working hard in the town to enable us to all celebrate the coronation of the new King and Queen Consort on 6th May.

On the Saturday, in line with the palace’s suggestion, there will be no event in the town organised by the group but it is suggested that residents watch the event on the television or at Number 8 where the event will be screened live. Of course, you can always go to London and watch it in person!

Sunday is the Big Lunch. The group has organised music in the bandstand and everyone is invited to come to Abbey Park and bring a picnic to join together in an afternoon of celebration. The event will start at 12 noon and culminate in a service in the Abbey at 4.00pm with cake!

Monday is “The Big Help Out” and currently the Volunteer Centre are looking at various options as to what to organise to enable people to celebrate the role of volunteering so please look out for posters, fliers and more information on our web site.Coronation Logo



Improving Biodiversity

As residents will be aware the Town Council has for a number of years owned some land off Holloway adjacent to Tiddesley Wood and on the public right of way that is part of the 5 mile circular walk. As part of the management plan for the land and to improve not only biodiversity but create a pollinator corridor, members of the Town Council and staff have recently planted a hedge around one of the fields. Residents will also note that the council has also planted a number of native species of tree thanks to a generous donation from another resident. Thankfully the majority of these have taken well.

On another note can I please, on behalf of residents and councillors, send out a deep felt plea to dog walkers. When planting the hedge and the trees the field had to be cleared of dog excrement before the planting could even be started. It was, to be honest, disgusting. The council does not wish to have to ban dogs from this area and knows that the vast majority of dog owners always clean up after their dogs. However, the actions of the few give all dog owners a bad name. Please can we ask that all owners, wherever they are walking their dog, always clear up after them?

There are dog bins at the end of the public right of way on Holloway as well as in Tiddesley Wood car park.

Poo bags cost less than £1 for over 100 – surely a small price to pay to keep this lovely picnic area clean and tidy for everyone.

Thank you.


Who are your Councillors?

Please note elections are on 4th May. Why not consider standing for the Town Council?

More information about what it involves and how to stand is available from the Town Hall.

  St Andrews Ward

Cllr D Annis                        553164

 Cllr M Chapman Pincher  561561

Cllr J Hemming                  561561

Cllr C Parsons MBE           561561

Cllr V Smith                        561561

Cllr C Tucker                      462441

Cllr E Turier                       561561

Cllr M Winfield (Mayor)   561561

Pershore Town Council Logo

Holy Cross Ward

Cllr D Boatright          561561

Cllr P Brookbank       552692

Cllr R Gillmor             556685

Cllr R Grantham       561561

Cllr A Lavelle            561561

Cllr J Palfrey             561561

Cllr V Wood             554235


Meetings of the Town Council & Committees

All meetings are now held face to face and residents are welcome to attend.  Anyone wishing to ask a question who feels uncomfortable in attending is asked to contact the Town Clerk on the Monday before the meeting, when the Clerk will be happy to arrange to put their question to the meeting on their behalf.

All meetings are at 7.30pm other than Planning Committee which meets at 7.00pm prior to full Council and Cemetery Committee also 7.00pm




5th    Cemetery Committee

6th    Finance and Property Committee

13th    Planning Committee

           Town Council

17th Twinning and Tourism Committee




4th    Amenities and Environment Committee

18th    Town and Annual Meetings

25th    Planning Committee (tbc)

Town Council (tbc)




1st    Finance and Property Committee

7th    Cemetery Committee

15th   Planning Committee

Town Council


Pershore Place Board

Residents may be aware that the Pershore Place Board has been established by Wychavon District Council following the adoption of the recent Prospectus for Pershore.

The Board was established in July 2022 and is made up of 10 independent members. It aims to deliver initiatives which support businesses and organisations to do better in the town which, in turn, will provide more jobs, better pay and more visitors to the town. The Board is independent of, but works closely with, Pershore Town Council.

The Board has been working to develop short and longer-term plans. Funding of £200,000 has been made available to the Board by Wychavon through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to assist with this work. The Board’s focus is on the economic development of Pershore. Work by the Board will also focus on attracting private investment into the town, working to encourage business owners to invest here and to grow their businesses in our town. Greater business success will help attract funding to improve public spaces, making Pershore a more enjoyable place to live and visit.

The Chair of Pershore Place Board is Darren Eden and he recently delivered an update on the Board’s work to the Town Council sharing the detail of their short-term plans. These include the fitting of flagpoles to carefully selected buildings in the town centre for the display of flags during the King’s Coronation and then for onward use to highlight key dates in Pershore’s events calendar. A joint project with the town council is also well underway to enhance the promotion of Pershore at Christmastime including additional lighting where possible.

This “town presentation enhancement project” is to be funded by the Board through a £30,000 slice of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund grant. Further funds will be made available to the Board over the next three years to fund other projects in its work to deliver economic development to the town. Making Pershore an easier place for businesses to flourish and a place where people want to visit is a key driver for the Board’s work.

Beyond this financial year, the Board have further ideas for the town. One major project is exploring the business case for a new marina in Pershore. Vice Chair of the Board, Michael Hodges, is investigating the potential economic impact of the project. Board members also discussed adding to existing moorings and providing more footpaths along the river.

All members of the Board are volunteers and meet once a month. Members share their expertise from their various professional backgrounds. Guests are welcome to observe these meetings at different public locations around Pershore.

Finally, more information will become available to the public soon. Board members are developing the new Pershore Place Board website. This will be up and running in the coming weeks to ensure that all of the work of the new Place Board can be shared with residents and businesses in the town.

Darren Eden        Pershore Place Board, Chair

Riverside Centre Poster

Pershore Riverside Centre

Youth Work

We are incredibly proud of our young people from our weekly youth sessions, and weekend SEND groups who have been working with Juneau Projects and Meadow Arts.
these incredible sculptures were designed and crafted in wax by the young people, inspired by the hiden wildlife of Avon Meadows. The wax sculptures were then made into these bronzes. Some of the Sculptures are also on show in the HIVE, Worcester.


We have welcomed new groups this month including Little Massage & Yoga South East Worcestershire. Get in touch to find out more about our longstanding groups such as U3A, Sing for Health, and Chair based exercise.

We need you !

You can support us and the work we do by signing up to our charity lottery, please find out more by visiting the Riverside Centre website.

History And Heritage Centre logo

Pershore History and Heritage Society


There were quite a few motor vehicle garages in Pershore when I came to live here. One of the largest was Abbey Garage in the High Street on the corner of Cherry Orchard. The Abbey garage was started in 1921 by W R Tarrant & G.E. Morrell, who started at Worcester Road, opposite the bottom of Station Road, at The Garage, later called Central Garage. They were Morris, Rover, Austin, Ford agents.  Mr. John Pettifer later became co-owner, according to the report from a paper. They were later taken over in 1975 by a Welsh company. The Abbey Garage closed in 1982 with 23 jobs lost. It was then bought by Graham Williams, a Lotus dealer and made into small units.

I will continue with Central Garage, Worcester Road which was first mentioned in an advert by Wagstaff & Co. dated 1916. Later owned by Mr Harry Price, who started to work at Abbey Garage, then came to Central Garage from where he had the same garage name in Bridge Street 1924. (I did hear that Abbey Garage, kept the Worcester Road Garage so no one could use it!)

In about 1930 Mr Price moved to Central Garage. He lived there with his wife Constance and family. He repaired both Cars and Motorcycles, later it became an Austin & Ford garage plus an official AA. Garage, but moved on to Morris, Commer, Hillman and Standard cars.

Later in 1953 there is a letter from a Mr Norman Jones, about the Coronation celebrations, from the Pershore branch of Royal Air Force Association to Harry Price. The letter is thanking Harry Price for the loan of a coach. Mr Price sold the garage in about 1960 to Mr. Jason Baldwyn and his wife.

In Newlands numbers from 59 to 63, was Pershore Garage, the first report I found was an advert for Whitmarsh’s Garage owned by Mr. McCubbin, later it was owned by Walcroft brothers, Brian Muir Alpina Motor Services, who were BMW and Renault dealers, and then S W Antiques, it is now houses which were built in 2015.

On Three Springs Road, the KCR Garage behind the BP station was once owned by the late Bob Edney, this garage now has new owners.

Amerie Garage next to KCR, Victor Bradford was there, later a Captain Ernest Stapleton was there, he used to race sports cars. Later this became a petrol station in 1983 plus car sales and now it is a car wash.

Cox’s Cars was also on Three Springs Road, this is quite a new garage owned by the family of the late Mr Graham Cox who arrived in 1970 and rebuilt the garage at the rear, as previously there were the petrol pumps and a small workshop and showroom at front.

In New Road, Pershore, Dadge & Loxley did car and body repairs in a large building which has since been demolished! Next door was Till & Alan Patterson, but Till must have left as I only knew the late Alan there.

There were also several garage workshops on the trading estates and the Motor House Pinvin.

Written by Anthony Wittenberg

Central Garage 1930's          Abbey Garage 1930's
Central Garage in 1930’s                                       Abbey Garage in 1930’s

Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre Logo

Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre

Q. Where has our community spirit gone?

A. There is a small pocket of community spirit tucked alongside Pershore market and it needs your help.

In a small office, next to Pershore market, a team of people are working hard to pull our community together. Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre (PPVC) recruits volunteers for its own community schemes but also recruits for other charities such as Macmillan and the Pershore Plum Festival.

There is an urgent need for volunteers. There are over 60 different roles available from the more practical hands on jobs to board level thinkers, so there really is something for everyone.

The PPVC office has an open door policy and, in this era of shutting local offices, their door is firmly open to people needing their services and also to those who want to help, so do call in the next time you are in town.

Being a volunteer is so rewarding, giving a sense of purpose and satisfaction which benefits overall wellbeing. The pandemic has made it difficult for people to support each other but now is a time to rebuild those bridges. So, please do come forward and help us rebuild that community spirit in Pershore and the surrounding villages.

To find out more visit Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre’s website

Or Phone 01386 554299 Our door is always open at 1 Billing House, Pershore, WR10 1EY

Written by Victoria Walsh Communications Manager.

Friends Of Avon Meadows Logo

Friends of Avon Meadows

We are in the quiet winter period for activity on Avon Meadows. The sheep were moved off before Christmas leaving the grass nicely eaten down. This serves to weaken the grass to give flowers a better chance to thrive. Wychavon DC has issued tenders for outstanding contractors’ works with a view to starting in early April. The work will involve replacing the two footbridges (already removed) with culverts to provide a flat walking surface above and putting gravel in the muddy gateways among other things. We welcome Andy Miller and Graham Avison as a new Committee members of the Friends of Avon Meadows.

Those of you who have visited Avon Meadows recently may have noticed some small bronze sculptures. The charming small bronze sculptures, 20 in all, have been dotted around Avon Meadows very recently. They were designed and created by young people from the Pershore Riverside Youth Centre. The sculptures were inspired by the hidden wildlife of the meadows and are artistic interpretations of what the artists observed. They were first carved in wax and then sent away to be cast in bronze using the ‘lost wax’ process with allows very accurate reproduction of the original wax models.

FoAM now has its own Facebook page! Unsurprisingly it has the name “Friends of Avon Meadows”. There are other pages with similar names but this is the only one run by FoAM. The page depends on all of us contributing so please do not hesitate to send in pictures or sightings. This is for all our members to communicate about our wonderful meadows .

Visit Avon Meadows website for more details.

Advert For Mayors Charity Event, A West End And Broadway Musical Cabaret

Mayor's Charity Event West End to Broadway Musical Cabaret

The Mayor of Pershore invites you to attend an evening of

West End and Broadway Musical Cabaret

Kindly performed by Pershore Operatic and Dramatic Society

at the Banking Hall, 5 High Street, Pershore, WR10 1AA

On Saturday 22nd April 2023, 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Join us for a special night of entertainment,

Tickets £45 each, to include canapes and Bucks fizz on arrival.

In support of The Mayors Charity Brain Tumour Research

Tickets available from Pershore Town Hall, 34 High Street, Pershore, WR10 1DS after 24th March.

Cash or cheque payment only. Limited numbers.

The Abbey Lecture Poster

Pershore Abbey Lecture: King Charles III - Does Britain need another Monarch?

Don’t miss this topical presentation from top Historian, best selling Author and consultant for TV series The Crown.

Robert Lacey

Pershore Abbey
19th May 2023
Tickets £16.00
(Concessions £10.00)

Available from Pershore Abbey, Blue in Broad Street, The Gallery (51 High Street)

Visit the Friends of Pershore Abbey website for more details.


Events Diary

March 2023

Sat 25th: Hello Again – A tribute to Neil Diamond at Number 8, 7.30pm

Sun 26th: Pianoscapes 55 – St Andrews Centre, 2pm

Wed 29th: Pershore Jazz Club – Harlem Swing 6 – Pershore Town Football Club’s Function room, doors open 7pm

April 2023

Sat 1st: Passage to Patchwork, the Courtyard, Number 8, 10am until 3pm

Sun 2nd: Passage to Patchwork, the Courtyard, Number 8, 10am until 3pm

Sun 9th: Pershore Carnival Duck Race, King George V Playing Field 1pm

Sat 22nd: Mayor’s Charity, Musical Cabaret Evening, Banking Hall, 7.30pm

Sun 23rd: Pianoscapes 55 – St Andrews Centre, 2pm

Wed 26th: Pershore Jazz Club – Frog Henry Band – Pershore Town Football Club’s Function Room, doors open at 7pm

May 2023

Fri 5th: Orchestra of Swan: Rococo at Number 8, pre-concert talk 6.45pm

Sat 6th: Live screening of the Coronation at Number 8, time tbc

Sun 7th: Big Lunch, Abbey Park, 12 noon until 3.45pm Abbey Service 4pm with Cake

Mon 8th: The Big Help Out – more details to follow

Fri 19th: Pershore Abbey Memorial Lecture: King Charles III – Does Britain need another Monarch? Given by historian Robert Lacey. Pershore Abbey at  6.30pm

Sat 20th: Fleetwood Machine: Celebrating the music of Fleetwood Mac at Number 8, 7.30pm

Sun 21st: Pianoscapes 55 – St Andrews Centre, 2pm

Mon 29th: Pershore Carnival, High Street and Abbey Park

Wed 31st: Pershore Jazz Club – Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends – Pershore Town Football Club’s Function Room, doors open at 7pm 

June 2023

Mon 5th – 10th: Pershore Operatic & Dramatic Society – Guys & Dolls at Number 8

Sat 10th: Worcester Philharmonic Orchestra Summer Concert, Pershore Abbey 2.30pm

Wed 28th: Pershore Jazz Club – Swing from Paris – Pershore Town Football Club’s Function Room. Doors open at 7pm

For more detailed information about each of the above visit the Visit Pershore website or phone our Visitor Information Centre on 01905 843896

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