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Summer 2021


Town Hall Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Friday: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Visitor Information currently based at the Town Hall.

Welcome from the Town Clerk…

Welcome to our Summer edition of the Town Council Newsletter. With restrictions easing from 17th May it has been interesting having the Town Council meeting face to face again (albeit with a number of requirements in place). We are looking forward to being able to welcome residents to meetings at some stage in the future but in the meantime please bear with us. If you wish to speak at a meeting, you need to contact us at least 48 hours beforehand. This will give us time to explain what you need to do to be able to attend which will include demonstrating that you have had a negative lateral flow test within the previous 24 hours. All those attending, including councillors and staff, are doing the same and we wait to see what the Government decides about further relaxations from June 21st.

On a brighter note, the Town Council is working hard to try to improve biodiversity in the town and encourage more wildlife. Various areas of Town Council owned or  managed land how been left unmown and wildflowers are being encouraged. If this is something you would like to get involved with please see page 14 of this newsletter to see how to take part. We are also planning to put solar pv panels on the roof of the Town Hall and changed our energy supplier to one that provides “green” electricity both to try to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint; a first step towards achieving our aim of being carbon neutral by 2030. Please do help the Town to work towards the same goal.

Ann Dobbins


A Message from the Mayor and Consort…

Amazing how the recent and long overdue change in the weather after one of the coldest – and wettest – Mays on record seems to raise everyone’s spirits and it is good to see a smile on more faces (when you can see them!) in these continuing difficult times.

As I write, the weather prospects for the Bank Holiday weekend are looking good which makes it even more frustrating that one of the main attractions of that weekend – our town carnival – has inevitably had to be cancelled this year. It is good however to know that there are already those involved working hard behind the scenes to plan for better times ahead. Meanwhile although, another annual and popular event which also brings many visitors to our  town – Pershore Midsummer Brass –  has suffered a similar fate  as last year and it will at least be staged again online on the first Saturday in July.

Currently it is planned to hold the annual Pershore Jazz Festival at Pershore College in August and in the same month there are hopes that certain elements of the Pershore Plum Festival  – one of the most popular events in the country – will be restored.

Please watch out for more details in local and social media and let us hope – and plan for – these green shoots of recovery to come to eventual fruition.

Cllr Julian Palfrey and Dr Helen Whitwell


Annual Report from the Town Mayor 2021

Councillor Chris Parsons MBE

At the Annual Meeting, held in Wychavon District Council Council Chamber on 13th May 2021, Cllr Chris Parsons presented the Annual Report:

Annual Report From The Town Mayor 2021


Town Council Finances

Please see below charts showing how the Council has spent your money during the year to 31st March 2021. If you would like more detailed information, or a set of the accounts, please contact the Town Clerk after the end of May.

Graph of Income 2020-21Graph of Expenditure 2020-21

Meetings of the Town Council and Committees

The Town Council currently holds its various meetings in person but under Covid restrictions. All meetings are recorded and made available via the Town Council website. Any resident who may wish to speak at a meeting is asked to contact the Town Clerk for the instructions on what measures need to be taken to enable them to attend in person.

June 17th Planning Committee & Town Council

July 8th Amenities and Environment Committee
July 15th Planning Committee & Town Council
July 22nd Cemetery Committee

August 5th Finance and Property Committee
August 9th Twinning and Tourism Committee

Sept 2nd Planning Committee & Town Council
Sept 9th Amenities and Environment Committee
Sept 23rd Cemetery Committee

All meetings are at 7.30 pm (Planning 7.00pm)


Prostate Cancer Donation Cheque

Generous Donation from Pershore's Retiring Mayor

Having stepped down as Mayor in May this year, Councillor Chris Parsons MBE presented a cheque to his charity for the funds raised since being elected in 2018. Whenever Chris has been Mayor, the charities he has chosen have tended to be with ones linked to cancer and palliative care. They include Acorns, Macmillans, St. Richard’s Hospice and, for this latest donation, the South Worcestershire Prostate Cancer Support Group (SWPCSG).

Cllr Parsons has served for no fewer than 11 years as Mayor and during that time he, his wife, Jan, and Jan’s group of helpers have raised over  £ 50,000. The fund-raising events they have staged range from concerts in Pershore Abbey, Flower Festivals, quiz nights and coffee mornings to ferret racing. Money raised has benefited several local charities and this latest gift of more than £12,000 will be targeted at those men and families in the Pershore area requiring support after a positive diagnosis or treatment for prostate cancer.

SWPCSG chairman, Gordon Kingston, has worked closely with the Mayor over the past 3 years and is confident that his group can enhance the services and support already on offer in the area. Cllr Parsons said, ‘I am extremely proud to be a member of one of the best councils in this country.’ This is no idle boast, as Pershore was only the fourth town in the UK to receive the government’s Quality Gold status for its quality of services and the very first to have its Gold status renewed. This reflects hugely on the combined efforts of the Town Council, the Town Clerk and her team in the town hall.

Chris’ pride in Pershore shines through whenever he is speaking and he was thrilled to be able to hand over the cheque for £12,268.25 at the Annual meeting in May this year.


Volunteer Centre Logo

Fundraising Project

The Project

A regular community bus service for rural villages in Wychavon will enable local residents to access services and social opportunities in local towns and villages more easily.

The project to provide and support a community bus service has been designed and developed by village residents and parish councillors to address the problems of rural isolation in an area where public transport provision is limited or non-existent. The project will cover the costs of providing regular and reliable transport into Pershore and Worcester for any village residents eager to resume normal activities including shopping and social events. The community bus will create a safe and welcoming environment for passengers who want to make regular trips out and meet friends and family members. Transport will be provided by volunteers from Pershore Volunteer Centre and Worcester Wheels (both registered charities) who support local communities with their services, and will help to promote volunteering opportunities 

We are raising funds please copy below link to pledge your support

Village Connector: Community Bus Service

Volunteer Drivers urgently needed

As we come out of lockdown we are desperate for volunteers drivers in the Fladbury, Hill and Moor, Lower Moor, Bishampton and Eckington areas, if you can spare the gift of your time for a few hours a week, please call on 01386 554299.

Pershore Volunteer Centre 1, Billing House, Pershore WR10 1EY.
Phone: 01386 54299
Email: admin@pershorevolunteers.org.uk
Volunteer Centre Website



History And Heritage Centre

Pershore Heritage and History Society

A story from the Holland Family’s history. 

This is the story of the son Francis Corbett Holland, his wife Maria and daughter Frances.

Before he met her, Maria A. Rudge, who in June 1892, had a contact with a gentleman in London and it was said he would marry her, so she went down to see him in a hotel in London only to find he was already married. At the Hotel the police were called as the lady was very upset and they were worried about her, they told her to get in touch with her father which she refused, but later Mr. Rudge sent his butler to fetch her, so it all ended very sadly.

In the Morning Post of 7 June 1893 the marriage was announced of Holland -Rudge on the 5th inst.at St. Egwin’s Norton, by the Rev. W.C. Boulter, Francis Corbet eldest son of Francis Dermot Holland of Cropthorne Court, Pershore, to Maria Augusta daughter of Edward Charles Rudge of Abbey Manor Evesham.

(From the book; The Cropthorne Camera of Minnie Holland 1892-1905)

“The eldest son Frank made a much-disapproved marriage to a Miss Rudge of Abbey Manor; their only child was a daughter, Frances. Frank unfortunately went blind and separated from his wife. He went to live at Bredon Hill attended by a man servant. His daughter was brought up at the Court where she lived until despairing of her unmarried state, her mother shipped her off to India where she met and married Colonel Slaughter with whom she moved to – Yelverton in Devon”.

In 1901 Maria Augusta Holland was recorded as living in Chipping Norton as a boarder, who was married, aged 36ys, living on her own means. Frank Holland sadly died in 1925 while living in Tewksbury, aged 73years.

Miss Frances Augusta Holland, when aged 31years, was recorded as departing on board the ship California from Liverpool bound for Bombay, India on 12th October 1925.

In May 1927 there was a Welcome Home garden party given at Cropthorne in honor of the return of Mrs. George A. Slaughter formally Miss Frances Holland. When Miss Holland went to India, she met her husband and was married at Allahabad on 8th March 1927.  They were staying in Devon at her husband’s house also with Miss Louisa Holland in Worcester, before arriving at Mrs. Ellis Holland’s residence.

Frances’ husband G.A. Slaughter, Lieutenant in the 2nd Worcestershire Regiment was decorated with the Military Cross for his gallantry in the 1914-1918 war and was mentioned in dispatches.

The 1939 register shows the couples address as Clovelly Willowly Park, Tavistock Devon.

Tavistock Devon

Written by Anthony Wittenburg

Biodiversity Advert Summer 2021

Nature Needs You!




As part of their aim to support the reduction of Pershore’s carbon footprint, the Town Council are inviting residents to identify green spaces near their homes on which they would be interested in planting and maintaining wildflower gardens.

If you are interested, please contact the Town Hall on admin@pershore-tc.gov.uk or call 01386 561561.





Friends Of Avon Meadows Logo

Friends of Avon Meadows

Species found on Avon Meadows

Breeding Birds: There are 2 active Mute Swan nests and a Canada Goose nesting on the scrape and a number of Linnets about leading to the hope that they might breed and there has been a pair of Tawny Owls calling most nights behind Cherry Orchard. The Water Rails have gone quiet which we take to mean they are nesting. Judging by the amount of activity the Starlings are feeding young already.

Mammals : A pair of Roe Deer has been using the far side of the scrape to graze during the day. It is always surprising how these comparatively large mammals can be so unobtrusive and are not often noticed unless you are looking for them. The Fox is alive and well and can be seen on the scrape from time to time. We can only hope it does not take the Canada Goose eggs.

Deer In Avon Meadows
Photo taken by Lloyd Evans

Butterflies: In spite of the exceptionally cold weather this April there are butterflies to be seen on sunny days. Some were recorded earlier in the year than we had seen them before. They started with a Small Tortoiseshell on 18 February followed by a Peacock butterfly on 27 February and finally a Red Admiral on 21 March. What we are really waiting for is some really warm weather.

Fish: This week saw the first record in recent times of Eels on Avon Meadows. Two Elvers were photographed in one of the drainage channels.

Moths: We hope to start moth trapping again at the end of June once the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed. Members of the moth group will be informed as a matter of course. Let us know if you would like to become a member of the moth group Other Insects A Tawny Mining Bee was found and photographed on Avon Meadows on 12 April. This is a new species for us bringing the total number of species recorded so far to 1,135.

Avon Meadows Summer 2021
Photo taken by Richard Stott

Pershore Wellbeing Hub

Wellbeing Hub

The Pershore Wellbeing Hub is a new free resource set up to help to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of people in the town and surrounding villages.  The Hub will be both a drop-in centre on Pershore High Street and a comprehensive online directory of health and wellbeing resources.

The Hub was born out of the Pershore Town Plan, where such a facility was voted by residents to be the most important way to improve physical and psychological wellbeing in Pershore and the surrounding villages.

The Hub launches on the 23rd of June at No. 4 High Street Pershore (next to KC Carpets) and will be open for people to pop in for a chat with friendly volunteers who will be ready with a cuppa and time to talk, entirely for free, and of course, entirely confidential.

The volunteers are also trained to help with everything from filling in complex forms, understanding official letters, to exploring what information, groups, clubs, or new hobbies are on offer to enhance wellbeing. There is a wealth of activities and support services in and around Pershore for groups from babies to centenarians and the Hub aims to become the focal point for information on all activities in the town and surrounding villages.

The hub website www.pershorewellbeinghub.co.uk  is where you will find wellbeing information, to help with anything from specific problems to suggesting ways to maintain healthy lifestyle choices. There’s also a searchable directory of activities and services both locally and nationally.  The Hub will also be on social media in the near future with updates, events and information.

Gill Perks, Chair of Pershore Wellbeing Hub said, ‘It is so exciting to be opening this new facility in the heart of Pershore and I wish to thank Pershore Town Council for their ongoing encouragement and financial support. I want to emphasise that the Hub welcomes everybody, and I hope will help you get the best from our community. Please do visit us online but more importantly pop into the Hub, where we would be delighted to show you round and have a chat. We look forward to seeing you.’

Charity Number 1192944

Wellbeing Hub principles


Bonkers Watersports Litterpick

Bonkers litter pick on the River Avon at Pershore

Organised by Kim Bonk, of Bonkers Activities Paddleboarding School, the team used paddleboards to access the river and clear litter from around the riverbanks in the Pershore area on Sunday 11th April.

Kim organised the litter picks in partnership with river guardians Avon Navigation Trust (ANT), which invites people to adopt a section of the river and whose youth ANT Squad’s duties include keeping the Avon tidy.

Bonkers has notched up a first by adopting a river section – from Pershore Lock to Wyre Piddle Weir – as part of the Wychavon Adopt a Street anti litter campaign.

In addition, Bonkers is part of the global campaign Planet Patrol and monitors and records all the litter collected to fuel long term strategies and prevention.

“Paddleboards are the perfect platform for litter picking, as you can ram them right into the bushes and get to the litter you can’t reach from the bank or from bigger boats,” explains Kim.

“It’s also a great way of enjoying being out on our lovely river.”

If you have a paddleboard, or a canoe, and a 2021 River License and would like to join the litter picking team, you MUST book in advance by emailing Kim at bonkersactivities@hotmail.com.

To adopt a section of the Avon, go to the Avon Navigation Trust website and you can Adopt a Wychavon Street by logging onto the Wychavon District Council website.

You can download the free Planet Patrol app and record litter that you collect to help contribute to global research.

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