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Winter 2020 Front Cover

Winter 2020

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Welcome from the Town Clerk…

Welcome to this edition of the Town Council newsletter. As I write we have just been told that we are to go into another lockdown. As in March, the Town Council and Volunteer Centre, together with all their willing volunteers, will do all they can to help anyone who needs support at this difficult time. As you will see later in the newsletter, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire recently visited Pershore to thank as many of those as he could for the work they did, and continue to do, to help those who need it.

Town Council meetings continue to be held using Zoom and whist internet connections are not always as good as we would like, so far most meetings have worked well and we have managed to live stream them through the Town Council YouTube site. Details of meetings, agenda and minutes can be found on our website, www.pershoretowncouncil.gov.uk.

Finally, may I wish everyone Happy Christmas!

Ann Dobbins, Town Clerk

A message from the Mayor and Mayoress…

Welcome to the Winter edition of our towns newsletter. As we move into the winter months I am sure that our thoughts will be turning to Christmas and the hope that we will be able to spend time over the festive season with our families. To enable this to happen and limit the spread of the Coronavirus we all need to follow the latest government guidelines in an effort to keep our town as safe as possible.

You will read later in this newsletter our wish to make Pershore a ‘Twenty Minute Town’. Not only will this save you all the travelling when shopping, but it will be an excellent way to show our support for all our local traders. Unlike our neighbouring towns and cities we are not plagued by rows of empty shops, to repeat an often used phrase we all need to ‘use it or lose it’. We all hope that the current lockdown will end at the beginning of December , this will be the time when Pershore will really have the opportunity to make itself a ‘Twenty Minute Town’ with time remaining for that Christmas shopping.

With Remembrance Sunday services being cancelled this prevented many of our local organisations being able to pay their respects at that time. I am pleased to say that I was able to lay wreaths both at Pershore Abbey and the Cross of Sacrifice at Pershore Cemetery. This year the wreaths were laid on behalf of the Pershore Community.

With the Coronavirus continuing its grip on society many of our residents still rely on help in various forms. Can I, once again, thank all those volunteers who continue to offer their services to the less fortunate members of our community.

By the time this newsletter drops through your letterbox we will only be about two weeks from the shortest day (a phrase I have never understood, it’s still 24 hours) and the dark days of winter will start to ebb away. We should all look forward to the coming spring and summer of 2021 with the hope that things may start to return to normal.

I finish by wishing you, your family and loved ones a very safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Chris and Jan Parsons


Allotment News

As autumn fades away and winter is upon us many allotment tenants will have reaped the fruits (and veg) of their labour. As we all know, this year has been quite challenging for many and a lot have sought solace by working on their allotment plot and enjoying the fresh air and peacefulness of their surroundings. As a result of the pandemic a number of people are looking to be more self-sufficient and, as a consequence, the Town Council now have a waiting list for plots which is great news!

We are currently undergoing a number of site visits to see if there are any plots that are currently uncultivated/part cultivated where tenants are maybe struggling for various reasons and are looking to relinquish or downsize their plot. If you have a plot and you are finding it difficult to manage due to extenuating circumstances please let us know at the Town Hall on

01386 561561 or email admin@pershore-tc.gov.uk

We have records of all our tenants and in order for us to communicate both efficiently and cost effectively with all our tenants we need to keep them up to date. If you have changed your address, contact number or have a new email address please let us know.

News from the Town Council


The High Sheriff of Worcestershire, accompanied by the Mayor, recently spent a couple of hours in Pershore meeting some of those who volunteered during lockdown and also meeting some of the local shop keepers who worked hard to keep everything going.

Unfortunately, his visit came just after the Government brought in their rule of six so he was not able to meet as many people as he would have liked. However, he was pleased to be able to look around the town and, he hopes, raise the profile of Pershore and its wonderful community.

As he says on his website, “The High Sheriff comes to witness, question and thank people and organisations for the important role they play in our towns and villages across Worcestershire. It is an incredible honour to have been selected to fulfil this role for Worcestershire and I look forward to meeting and supporting as many people as possible over my year in office.”

High Sherrif And Mayor


The Town Council considered at its October meeting the importance of trying to ensure that local businesses and amenities survive, as lockdowns continue, so that Pershore can thrive. Everyone knows Pershore’s unique network of independent shops, along with the market, attracts people from all over the area but it is also vital that residents use them too!

Members all agreed that Pershore could be easily classed as a “Twenty Minute Town”. This means that residents can access everything they need within twenty minutes walk of where they live. This is not only shops but leisure facilities, a library, theatre and cinema along with Doctors, Dentists, a hospital and pharmacists—making it a truly self sufficient town.

We are so lucky that we have access to the incredibly diverse range of goods that can be purchased here in town. We want them to be here next year too so please “Buy Local” and help to save our High Street.


Wychavon District Council has advised the Town Council that the New Homes Bonus funds originally set aside for the new Community Hall, needs to be allocated before March 2021.

The Town Council currently has various ideas for major projects in the town and will shortly be asking for residents’ views on those suggestions. In addition, residents are asked to put forward any of their own ideas that they think would be of benefit to the town.

Any suggestion has to be what the District Council calls a “Legacy Project” This means it must be a major project of benefit to as many residents as possible now and in the future.

Whilst the funds available (£190,000) are substantial, many projects cost considerably more than this so don’t let that stop you “thinking big”. Often the New Homes Bonus can be used as match funding to enable larger projects to go ahead. Whilst Pershore has nearly everything it needs (see the article above) there are always other projects that could enhance the lives of residents and your thoughts, via email to townclerk@pershore-tc.gov.uk, would be appreciated in advance of the formal consultation process.

West Mercia Police

West Mercia Article

Public Rights Of Way Article

Cricket Club Article

Pershore Heritage and History Society


Evesham Journal December 6 1902.

The nurse of the Workhouse Infirmary asked the board to allow a sale of work to be held in the Infirmary. Mrs. Pearce & Mrs. Bartlett were undertaking the work, and the proceeds of the sale were to be devoted to purchasing comforts for the inmates of the Infirmary; – It was decided to allow the use of the board- room on December 16 from 2-8. The usual extra fare at Christmas was to be allowed Messrs Kingsmill & Bomford were appointed as Visiting Committee.

Mr. Champkin, hairdresser, High-street, Pershore, was accepted as workhouse barber at a salary of £5 a year.

Saturday December 13 1902.

On Thursday week Mr. Charles Fox, of Gloucester, gave Dickens’ Christmas Carol, “The Cricket on the Hearth” in the Broad Street, Baptist Schoolroom. The Rev. J. H. Feek presided over a good attendance. The carol is divided into three parts, and Mr. Fox, recited the whole of it with unfaltering memory. The proceeds are to be given to the general fund of the Cottage Hospital.

PERSHORE:-Workhouse Treat:- Through the kindness of Mrs. Ernest Bomford, of Spring Hill, the inmates of the Union Workhouse, were given a tea and entertainment in the Baptist Schoolroom on Tuesday evening. There were about 60 present, and those who, through age or infirmity, were unable to attend, were not forgotten, tea and provisions being sent to them. By this thoughtful preparation and assiduous attention, Mrs. Bomford and the willing body of helpers, made the visitors feel thoroughly at ease. And a most enjoyable time was spent by all. Young and old did ample justice to the excellent tea, and the entertainment which followed was arranged solely for their pleasure.

Songs were contributed by Misses Oxley, Goodwin, Lowe, Smith, & Messrs, F. Nicholas, A. Bomford, (Netherton) F.B. Ball, E. Andrews, & Master F. Nicholas. Mr. A.W. Smith kindly exhibited a number of excellent views by means of the oxo-hydrogen gas. The Rev. J.H. Feek, who presided, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mrs. Bomford for her considerate kindness in providing the treat, and to those who had contributed to the entertainment, and this warmly accorded. After singing the National Anthem, and proceedings terminated.

Written by Anthony Wittenburg

Xmas Holidays Pershore Heritage And History Society Logo

Volunteer Centre Logo

Success in our Crowdfunding Campaign!

In July- with a lot of support from Wychavon District Council, we launched our campaign to cover some of the income we have lost during lockdown. We reached our target- £7250- days before the end of August deadline; a big thank you to everyone who supported us. We also thank Pershore Civic Society for their donation of £200, “In recognition of the great work you are doing for the people of Pershore’. These will go some way to cover the significant gap in our finances due to the loss of our major fundraising activities this year.

Need Transport?

Operated by Pershore Volunteer Centre’s Community Transport scheme, supported by parish councils and your County Councillor, we have a ‘Ring and Book’ Community Bus Service. It runs from Peopleton, Drakes Broughton & surrounding villages into Pershore Every Friday: arriving 10:30 and departing 12:30.

  • Journeys must be booked on 01386 554299.
  • Pick-up time and place to be confirmed at time of booking.
  • Reduced fares available for Concessionary Bus Pass holders.

To register, please call Pershore Volunteer Centre on 01386 554299
(Monday – Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10am – 1pm).


The High Sheriff Visits Pershore Volunteer Centre

In September, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire, Mark Jackson OBE, visited Pershore to meet those supporting the community during the pandemic. He thanked Pershore Volunteers, who support the local community with the vital work of delivering prescriptions, shopping, telephone befriending and providing a range of other services.

High Sheriff Visit

L to R: Cllr Chris Parsons MBE (Pershore Town Mayor) Eric Wiles (Chair of Pershore Volunteer Centre) Mark Jackson OBE (High Sheriff of Worcestershire); Andrew Machin (volunteer), Jane Machin( (volunteer) & Donna King (Pershore Volunteer Centre Manager).

Pershore Volunteer Centre
1, Billing House, Pershore WR10 1EY

Phone: 01386 54299
Email: admin@pershorevolunteers.org.uk

Friends Of Avon Meadows Logo

Wetlands Winter

Just for a change, here is a picture of our scrape, freshly cleared by the volunteers and filled with water by the October rain. You can see that the access bridge on the left has been replaced after floating off in the floods. Photo: Richard Stott

Progress on the Wetland

After careful consideration, work parties started again in September. We are proceeding with great care, restricting the parties to 6 people per group and cleaning hand tools before and after use. Social distancing is being maintained at all times. This has allowed our volunteers to complete most of the clearance work on the scrape before the rains came! Thanks very much to those who worked so hard to achieve this. After the heavy rain at the beginning of October the scrape filled with water for the first time since the end of May! Water birds are beginning to find it which is such a welcome sight. Work clearing the dipping pond to restore it to its original size is complete. It was almost completely choked with reeds! The new dipping platform construction is well advanced.

Please note that the two footbridges in the North Meadow have been removed. This will mean that they will not be available for a short time so cutting the path that crosses them. They are to be replaced so please bear with us! The bridge to the scrape has been replaced since it floated off its foundations during the winter floods. The volunteer team has made good progress clearing the first of the two reed bed areas scheduled for clearance this winter.

 The new pond dipping platform under construction on 27 October. Designed by Wychavon engineering department.

Dipping Platform

Photo: Richard Stott

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