Pershore Tc Winter Newsletter 2022

Pershore Town Council Newsletter - Winter 2022

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Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 4:00pm
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Welcome from the Town Clerk…

Welcome to the winter edition of the Town Council Newsletter. With Christmas just around the corner I am writing this a few days before we switch on Pershore’s Christmas lights and how nice it will be to be able to return to pre covid times. We have more stalls than ever attending and if the weather keeps dry we are hoping it will be a really successful event.

This has been a busy year for the council and 2023 is likely to be busier than ever. There are elections in May next year and more information will be available nearer the time. If you think you might be interested in standing for the Town Council please watch our website to download the necessary information and forms.

If you are undecided and would like to know more, packs about what the Town Council does and what it means to be a councillor will be available after Christmas from the Town Hall and will be on our website.

May I wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ann Dobbins

A Message from the Mayor…

Winter has a bad press. It was, and in some respects, still is, a bleak time – one of hardship; but that reputation belies its magic: sometimes, adversity brings out the best in people. While winters can be tough, they can also be uplifting. Our town is lucky in having so many good people who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. I would like to pay tribute to just a few of them: Mr. Darren Eden and his colleagues of the Place Board, who strive to try and attract the long-term investment Pershore needs; Mr. Ken Tallis, whose generosity we have to thank for the Christmas tree that will illuminate Broad St.; Dr. Gill Perks and the volunteers at the Wellbeing Hub for providing much-needed comfort to those in need; our district nurses for the care and consolation they bring; the voluntary staff and players at Number 8 for the professional entertainment that has made their venue one of the finest in all Worcestershire; Rev. Claire Lording, Mr. Michael Hodges and the congregants of our many churches for the succour and practical aid they render; the Rotary Club for its unstinting generosity and kindness; Mr. Simon Dudfield and the Royal British Legion for the way in which they honoured our Glorious Dead at this year’s Armistice Day commemorations, and for the help they give our veterans and the emergency services for the essential role they play in our everyday lives. My sincerest thanks to them all.

This winter, from those who are fortunate, spare a thought for those who are not; let us put aside enmities and be at peace with one another; and let us cherish our fine town. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

Cllr Matthew Winfield

Community Infrastructure Levy

Coat Of Arms Pershore The Town Council has been given a £6,372.01 in Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The town does not normally qualify for this but for technical reasons, as a one off, the funds have been provided through Wychavon They need to be spent on something that benefits the whole community and enhances or provides additional infrastructure that will also benefit particularly the area where the housing was built and which generated the funds – in this case land off Station Road.

The Town Council has come up with a few ideas that fulfil the criteria and would like to hear your views on these as well as inviting you to submit suggestions of your own.

So far the options are:-

Enhancing the small enclosed garden at the side of the Library. This was always a plan when the Town Council purchased, refurbished and extended the building but insufficient funds did not permit this in 2013. The hope would be that if this could be achieved, including levelling the slabs and providing seating, it could be an area for people to sit and read (or work) in the warmer months of the year. It could also be a useful area for young children to use with their family as it is accessed from the children’s area of the Library. Additional planting would be needed but the precise nature of this has not been discussed. This would be likely to take the majority of the funds.

Bus Shelters

Two options for this have been considered by the Town Council. One is to install the bus shelter that used to be opposite Gigbridge Lane in a different location.

The shelter had to be removed when it was damaged and bus stop was relocated when the new pedestrian crossing was installed. The shelter is currently awaiting repair but it has been proposed that it be installed on Worcester Road by Hudson Close. Total costs are uncertain but likely to be in the region of £3,500 to include the repair and installation.

Another suggestion is that a completely new shelter is purchased and installed at the bus stop by the Railway Station. It is anticipated that the full amount would be needed for this.

Green Infrastructure

A suggestion was made to put green roofs on top of existing bus shelters. However, this weight is not included in the structure of the shelters and this is still being investigated. Other opportunities are also being sought for tree and hedge planting although any Town Council land has already had both hedges and trees planted over the past few years.

Information board

This would be a display board for both pictures and text showing information about upcoming events. It not yet completely clear whether this would meet the criteria for CIL as the infrastructure has already been installed in the Library on the area directly visible from the main doors. This suggestion would cost no more than £1,000 for a relatively straightforward screen but could be as much as £5,000 for a more complicated one.

Please either complete the form below and drop it in to the Town Hall, download the form from our website or email us at townclerk@pershore-tc.gov.uk
To be handed in by 31st January 2023.

This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. Request an accessible format.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Following the sad death of HM the Queen, the Town Council sent a letter of condolence to King Charles III and his family. A response has been received and is shown below.

Response From King Charles Iii And His Family

Who are your Councillors?

St Andrews Ward


Cllr D Annis 553164

Cllr M Chapman Pincher 561561

Cllr J Hemming 561561

Cllr C Parsons MBE 561561

Cllr V Smith 561561

Cllr C Tucker 462441

Cllr E Turier 561561

Cllr M Winfield (Mayor) 561561

Coat Of Arms Pershore

Holy Cross Ward


Cllr D Boatright 561561

Cllr P Brookbank 552692

Cllr R Gillmor 556685

Cllr R Grantham 561561

Cllr A Lavelle 561561

Cllr J Palfrey 561561

Cllr V Wood 554235

Meetings of the Town Council & Committees

All meetings are now held face to face and residents are welcome to attend. Anyone wishing to ask a question who feels uncomfortable in attending is asked to contact the Town Clerk on the Monday before the meeting, when the Clerk will be happy to arrange to put their question to the meeting on their behalf.

Meetings for January 2023 – February 2023

Jan 12th – Amenities and Environment Committee
Jan 19th – Planning Committee & Town Council

Feb 1st – Cemetery Committee
Feb 2nd – Finance and Property committee
Feb 13th – Twinning and Tourism Committee
Feb 16th – Planning Committee & Town Council

Meetings for March 2023

Mar 9th – Amenities and Environment Committee

All meetings are at 7.30pm other than Planning Committee which meets at 7.00pm prior to full Council and Cemetery Committee also 7.00pm

Pershore Wellbeing Hub

Pershore Wellbeing Hub How Are We Doing?
At the Hub.
Some of you may already know we have a drop-in centre on the High Street in Pershore which has now been open for 18 months. It was really started as a pilot to see if it was a needed resource for Pershore and surrounding villages. I would like to give you an update on our most recent audit figures (which will give you an idea of what we can help with, without boring you too much I hope!).
Average number of visitors per month now being 128. 90% of the above came into the Hub and 10% were phone calls. 16% wished advice on finances, 10% asking for foodbank vouchers, 20% help with official forms and 30% wished to talk to a trained volunteer about emotional issues such as loss, anxiety/ depression, or isolation issues. 24% were seeking more general advice outside the above categories. We really do try and solve any “problem”, “worry” or “question” you may have.
These figures clearly show this is a well-used resource.

Website Traffic
Our website contains a variety of self-help pages as well as a searchable directory of local and national groups and organisations offering help or activities. These range for example from local sports, craft, choir groups to psychological help and charities.

In October 2022 alone we had 1,960 unique visitors to the site and 10,611 separate page views. A third of this is from a mobile device suggesting that the younger demographic is using us to access support under the wellbeing section. We are so pleased with this response.

If you know of someone who may benefit from our website, please direct them to us.

Individual comments from some of our visitors:
Pershore is so lucky to have such a valuable resource.
Such friendly and helpful volunteers.

Please remember we can be contacted in person at the Hub, by telephone (with answerphone when we are not open) and via email.
Do drop in at the Hub if you are ever in town as we’d love to show you round or have a chat over a cuppa (all free!).

Money Manners PageGill Perks (Chair)
No. 4 High Street,
WR10 1BG
Tel: 01386 555018


Pershore Riverside Youth Centre

Pershore Riverside Youth Centre

Pershore Riverside Centre is the only provider of Inclusive, open access youth support in Pershore. Our mission is simple: to develop physical, mental and spiritual capabilities in our young people, making lasting improvements to their lives and their communities.

Here are some of the sessions we offer:

  • Monday Juniors Club: Age 9-13, 5-7pm
  • Tuesday Youth Group: Age 13-18, 5.30-8pm
  • Wednesday Youth Group: Age 13-18, 5.30-8pm
  • Thursday Baby Club: Age 0-4, 10.30am-12pm
  • Saturday SEND Social Club: Age 16-18, 5-8pm
  • Sunday SEND Club: Age 8-18, 10.30am-1.30pm

WE NEED YOU! Of course, expenses add up quickly! Hired staff, ownership and running of the building, plus resources for activities cost around £91,000 every year. Nationally youth services have suffered a 70% cut in funding less than a decade. We are looking for sponsorship, if you would like to find out more, please get in touch. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

The benevolence of Lady Norton at Peopleton

History And Heritage Centre

Lord and Lady Norton:- in April1905 the Hon Charles Leigh Adderley succeeded as Lord Norton where he resided at Walton House Ashchurch road Tewksbury for 3 years. He then came to Bowbrook House Peopleton. His other residence was at Hams Hall Estates near Birmingham.

The Evesham Journal reported sad news of the death of Hon Charles Arthur Reginald Kenelm Adderley 2nd son of Lord Norton on April 1905. He was taken ill living at Bowbrook House, Peopleton, where blood poisoning set in, from which he died. Some time ago the deceased for pleasure and profit started an extensive fruit growing farm of about 60 acres. This was at Peopleton and Naunton (Beauchamp) where he established a wholesale and retail fruit distributing shop. He employed 30-40 people on the farm and during the season many more. Lady Norton has expressed he deepest sympathy to Miss Kitty Gazzard of Bredon who was engaged to the deceased.

On January 4th in 1908, the Evesham Journal reported on an act of Christmas kindness to the old folk and children of the village of Peopleton from Lady Norton. The former received warm underclothing, and the children: each girl a nice red cloak, muffler, warm dress and tam o’shanter cap, whist the boys had a coat, muffler, cap and gloves. On Friday at the School, her Ladyship also provided a large supply of toys for the Christmas tree. Mrs Lewis of Norchard Farm, distributed the clothing to the old people at her house, where they were also regaled with line and cake. These gifts have proved most seasonable and the inhabitants are very grateful to Lady Norton for remembering them in this generous way and making their Christmas bright and happy.

ChurchOn Friday 9th August 1919, at Peopleton, Lady Norton, to mark the families’ reunion with the parish, gave a tea to all. The Peopleton Brass Band headed the procession, including children, to a field kindly lent by Mr. T Loxley. Sports and old english games were indulged, so lengthy that darkness came before the night was over. Lady Norton’s sympathies were for the youngsters not getting a prize, she gave all consolation tips. Every man had a couple of ounces of tobacco, every matron a packet of tea. The parish had done its bit to fight for honour and freedom and that day had gathered to celebrate the great peace and the re-union with the Norton family with the parish after a lapse of 14 years. The benevolence of Lady Norton has never ceased and never a Yule tide went by but what she entertained them with lavish kindness. Directly the German prisoners were cleared off, Bowbrook House was put in order for the return of the family.

Lord and Lady Norton were glad to be back in the village for the peace celebrations, and thank Lady Norton for the trust, for she insisted in arranging it all. The large gathering then joined in singing “Aulde Lang Syne” with great fervour and as Lord and Lady Norton drove off there was another remarkable demonstration of affection.

The Standard reported the death of Lady Norton had occurred on Monday August 12 1922, at Wellington Lodge (Lord Norton’s seat a Bredon). She had Peopleton Church restored at the cost of £1,500 in memory of her son the Hon Charles Adderley and she gave land to add to the burial ground.

Written by Anthony Wittenberg

Pershore Benefice Schools Wreath Laying Service

Pershore Benefice Schools Wreath Laying Service

Poppy Display 2

Representatives from Pershore & District Royal Naval Association and Royal British Legion took part in the service with a wreath on behalf of the Veterans being laid by RBL Chairman Simon Dudfield. Cllr Matthew Winfield, Mayor of Pershore, attended on behalf of the Town Council.

This is the 12th consecutive year that the local schools have laid wreaths; ever since the Commemorative Garden was opened in May 2011.

Poppy Display 1Speaking after the service, Canon Lording said: “It’s always so poignant to see our young community laying their wreaths in their own act of Remembrance to both the Fallen and to all the Veteran Services. I am deeply moved each year by the level of respect they show, doing their parents, schools and our Town proud by their impeccable behaviour and diligence to this service. It’s quite unique to Pershore to have all of our Benefice schools participate from the ages of 8 upwards and it’s a focal point for them to visit throughout the Remembrance period.”

Other Poppy displays in Pershore include a beautiful knitted poppy blanket and reins on the Pershore Warhorse Memorial created by talented Town crafters, a wreath on Preaching Cross in honour of our Late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, knitted poppies on the Abbey gates and the weeping window of poppies at St Andrew’s. The children took the opportunity to see these after their service.

PERSHORE TOWN – Safer Neighbourhood Team

We are a dedicated group of police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs) who work with local communities and partner organisations to keep our residents, businesses and visitors safe and to prevent crime and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Officers can be contacted on the numbers below concerning community issues.

To report a crime in progress call 999 and for non emergencies report online or call 101.

Sergeant : Christopher Bannister 07811 972918

Inspector Daniel Fenn

Pershore Rural Email

PC Daren Riley: 07970 864689 PCSO

Claire Doughty 07814 040601

PCSO Julie Pardoe: 07870 151281


Whilst the information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the information.

Pc Daren Riley

PC Daren Riley

Pcso Claire

PCSO Claire Doughty

Pcso Ashley

PCSO Ashley Smith


Defibrillators, kindly donated by Pershore
Rotary Club and maintained by Pershore Town Council, are located at Chapman Court Public Lavatories and at the rear of Church Walk Public Lavatories

Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre

We are very excited to introduce the new look Volunteer Plus Volunteer Centre, you can find us in Billing House next to Pershore indoor market, please pop in to ask about what we do, how we can help you or you can help us with a little of your time.

Did you know we hold a lunch club every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month at St. Andrews Centre Pershore. £8 for two course lunch, transport can also be provided for an additional cost. If you would like more information, please contact Jo on 01386 554299.

We also hold a lunch last Tuesday of the month at The Angel Hotel Pershore, £10 for a 2-course meal, please call Jo on 01386 554299.

We are in need of volunteer telephone befrienders to help tackle isolation, drivers and mini bus drivers to support with our transport scheme for Pershore and surrounding area. If you can support us please call Treena on 01386 554299
Please do look on our website for all our volunteering opportunities within your communities.

Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre 1
Pershore Plus Volunteer Centre 2
The Angel Inn & Posting House

Progress on the Wetland

Friends Of Avon MeadowsAs mentioned in the last Newsletter, Ken Pomfret is moving away from the area. We are extremely grateful that he plans to continue to lead work parties until the time he actually leaves the area! The work party team has done Sterling work clearing the scrape which is a regular early autumn task. We now only need it to fill up! Recent heavy rain during October has served to leave some puddles so there is hope! The timing of a Members’ Forum has been put back until the spring of 2023. This is to allow us to ensure sufficient ground work has been prepared to make the forum both interesting and useful. There has been almost no contractors’ work carried out since COVID and there is quite a list of things to be done. The work is being coordinated by Wychavon engineering department but our appointed contractors seem to be very busy. This work is not forgotten, it just seems to take a frustratingly long time to happen.

Emperor Moth Caterpillar

This magnificent creature is an Emperor Moth caterpillar photographed on 3 August. This is only the second record for this species, the previous one being an adult moth in May 2012. Amazingly another caterpillar was reported 3 days later!

Photo: Liz Etheridge


We are always looking for volunteers to help make Avon Meadows a better experience for everyone. Regular readers will understand that there are many things that contribute to achieve this. Work parties are just one form of activity, monitoring various forms of wildlife is another. Another example is that we do not have a presence on social media simply because there is nobody to act as moderator. We are always willing to consider projects you might like to lead too. Please so get in touch via the website and together we can make something happen.

Photo : Richard Stott, Taken 2nd November, Avon Meadows.


Events Diary

Please check the Visit Pershore Website for further information.


Fri 9th: Worcester Male Voice Choir, supporting the Mayor of Pershore’s Charity in Pershore Abbey, 7pm.
Sat 10th: Worcester Male Voice Choir, supporting the Mayor of Pershore’s Charity in Pershore Abbey, 7pm.
Sat 10th: Tabletop sale at Cherry Orchard House, 10am until 3pm.
Mon 12th: Quick Knit Last minute Christmas Gift Workshop, Number 8, 10am.
Wed 14th: Pershore Jazz Club – Vitality Five (Ticket Only) Pershore Town Football Club’s Function room, doors open 7pm.
Fri 16th: Pershore Town Choir and Kidderminster Town Choir at Pershore Abbey, 7.30pm.
Sat 17th: The Flowers Band at Number 8, 3pm.
Sun 18th: Pianoscapes #53 in St Andrews Centre at 2pm.
Fri 23rd: Green Matthews’ Gaudete at Number 8, 7.30pm.
Sat 31st: Berliner Philharmoniker LIVE: NewYear Concert at Number 8, 4pm.

January 2023

Sat 7th: Worcester Philharmonic Orchestra, New Year Concert in Pershore Abbey, 2.30pm.
Sat 7th: Andre Reiu in Dublin screened at Number 8, 3pm.
Sun 8th: Andre Reiu in Dublin screened at Number 8, 3pm.
Sat 7th: Tiddesley Wood Log Sale, 10am to 1pm each day.
Sun 8th: Tiddesley Wood Log Sale, 10am to 1pm each day.
Tues 10th: Exhibition on Screen – Cezanne at Number 8, 7.00pm.
Wed 25th: Pershore Jazz Club – Hot Fingers – Pershore Town Football Club’s function room, doors open 7pm.

February 2023

Thur 2nd: Divorced, Beheaded, Died: An Audience with King Henry VIII at Number 8, 7.30pm.
Sat 4th: Tiddesley Wood Log Sale, 10am to 1pm.
Sun 5th: Tiddesley Wood Log Sale, 10am to 1pm.
Wed 22nd: Pershore Jazz Club – The Blue Three, Pershore Town Football Club’s function room, doors open 7pm.

March 2023

Sat 11th: Town Council Litter Pick, meet at Town Hall, 10am.
Sat 11th: Worcester Philharmonic Orchestra Spring Concert in Pershore Abbey, 2.30pm.

For more detailed information about each of the above visit the Visit Pershore Website

There is more information about a wide range of other events in the surrounding villages. Alternatively, call the Visitor Information Centre on 01905 843896

Useful Numbers

Town Hall – 01386 561561
Visitor Info. Centre (Pershore) – 01905 843896
Worcestershire County Council – 01905 765765
Wychavon District Council – 01386 565000
Citizens’ Advice Bureau Enquiries – 01386 712100 option 3
Hill & Moor Recycling Centre – 01386 861434

Street Lighting Report Line – 01905 765765
Dog Fouling/Dog Warden – 01905 822799
Pershore Volunteer Centre – 01386 554299
Pershore Library – 01905 822722
Pershore Hospital – 01386 502070
Bus Pass Enquiries – 01905 765765

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